BASL History

The Bartlesville Adult Soccer League started in 1981 by a group of people who loved the game of soccer and wanted to have some fun and also get some exercise. Starting with only a few teams playing on small fields in 5v5 format. After a few seasons the number of players went up substantially which allowed for the teams to play on a larger field in 8v8 or 9v9 format with 4-6 teams in the league. With the loss of interest and people moving out of the area, the league disbanded in 1995.

In 2002 another group of soccer loving people got together and restarted the league with 4 teams playing 4v4 on the under 8 fields. The league slowly grew and now play 6v6 on under 10 fields.

Registration Process

Sign up, Show up, and Play

The BASL registration is all inclusive. You simply fill out your registration form online, make your payment and .. you are done! Nothing else to do put show up and play.

What does your registration cover? It covers your insurance, field fees, referee fees and misc expenses.

The BASL Provides a Jersey

To make it as easy for you to play in our league we even loan you a jersey. At the first league game you will pay a $30 cash deposit to receive your jersey. At the final game of the season when you turn in your jersey your cash deposit is returned to you. If you fail to turn in your jersey your deposit helps pay for the replacement.

Team Formation Process

Once you are registered with the BASL and after registration has closed, teams are formed. The goal of the BASL is for everyone to come out and have a good time. We build teams based on the information you provide and other factors so that all teams are balanced. We all want competitive game play but no one wants to come out once a week and get hammered or hurt. So we take team formation seriously.

Team assignment is based on a number of factors including your age, skill level, player position and team need. Once assigned to a team, the rosters go out and your captain will be in contact with you. Communication within the league is handled via email but if you do not have email, your captain will call or text you. After your captain makes contact about your team assignment and the date of the first game, all you have to do is show up at the field and pick up your jersey.

When We Play

Games are played Sunday afternoons 2:00 and 3:45pm

Yearly Schedule

The BASL begins fall registration in July. Typically games begin in mid August. Fall season consists of 10 games typically lasting 12 weeks which allows for makeup games.

Spring registration is in January. Depending on the weather that year, we may start as early as the last week in January or as late as the beginning of March. The season consists of 10 games and can last up to 16 weeks, accounting for weather.

Season FAQ's

Why do we start in August when its so hot out?

The BASL is keenly aware of the field conditions throughout the year. The fields are shared with the kids club for games and their practice. The condition of the fields deteriorate quickly after starting the season with all the foot traffic. When the rains come, because of the condition and usage, two things occur: the fields are unable to drain and hold water sometimes for weeks at a time and, because of the extensive field usage and uneven field maintenance, the grass on the field becomes worn down.

BASL Rules


  • 6 v 6 OR 7 v 7
  • 40min halves
  • No offsides
  • All kicks are direct
  • Points: men = 1, women = 2
  • Must wear commerically produced shin guards
  • Player must wear their BASL assigned jersey to play, except for goalies
  • No Sliding - Yellow card
  • No Slide Tackle - Red card
  • No yelling at the attacking player - Yellow card
  • We use the small goalie box
  • Zero tolerance on rough play

How we deal with the rain is, if there is standing water or if the fields are holding water, if the goals are muddy, the games will be rescheduled. We will reschedule as many times as the season allows.


Games are played on the days where the temperature after the wind chill is higher than 32'. The same rules apply here.

BASL Jersey:

  • A jersey is loaned to you for the season.
  • If you lose it or fail to turn it in, you forefit your deposit and a new one purchased. A $15 fee will be assessed to you during registration. If your jersey is tore or not taken care of, you may forfeit your deposit.
  • The BASL jersey must be worn to be eligable to play.

Pickup Rules:

The pickup rule is based on various factors including registered players, player qualities, team roster and game play. As such, is adjusted each season.

In general: a team may pickup 2 players losing 1 pt per player, per half to equal 7 total team players. A late arriving team member will immediately replace the pickup player. Men can not score. Women can score.

The purpose of the pickup rule is to allow a team to play when short. If the team can play short and still be competitive - then it should.